Hi. I'm so glad you're here. If you've ever met me, you know I do a bunch of things in and around the music industry, like writing music for commercials, creating songs for licensing, developing helpful programs for budding musicians. I've released four records, toured all over the place, and worked my tail off at getting my own music "out there" (wherever that is. Your ears, perhaps?). I put all the stuff I learned not to do (and some things I learned to do) into a blog and some musician courses that are hopefully really helpful to other people out there making careers out of being creative. All that jazz lives in a corner of the internet called In The Key Of Success.

But this... this is my music site. My heart-on-sleeve, let's-make-something-awesome-together site. And just in time. I just released my fourth record and new composing reel. And neither is not about me. It's about us. The record is called "Inevitably". My composer reel is called "hire me." Or something like that.

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