Choral Composer

Cheryl is a prolific composer who writes both music and lyrics. She is able to take a choir's program and fill in the missing pieces. Her commissioned pieces often end up being the glue that makes an entire program flow. Writing her own lyrics, meeting choirs in person, weeks, if not months of research, and the ability to write poignant social justice text or laugh-out-loud lyrics is Cheryl's process that allows for a uniqueness, freedom and customizability found only in her compositions. Scroll down to listen, view, purchase, or connect.

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The scores below are for perusal purposes only. If you'd like to purchase (rent) the sheet music for your group, please email or scroll down to purchase one copy PER choir member, including ALL singers, conductors, and rehearsal accompanists. Thank you!

ALL choral pieces are available for license. Cheryl would love to have a conversation about working with you on a commissioned piece.  


The Listening SSATB (with solo, rap, and optional children's choir) - 819 KB
Triomphe Féminin SSATB - 1.03 MB
Andromeda SSATB - 524 KB
Hi SSATB - 73.1 KB
The Human Race SATB - 530 KB
Alone, But Not SSAATTBB - 665 KB
The Solace of the Bells SSAATTBB - 619 KB

About Cheryl's Composing Career

Cheryl originally got her start in the choral world as a Greenwich Academy Madrigal, performing in the White House at age 16. Her time at Cornell University introduced her to the world of pop a capella, and her film-scoring career brought her to the world of epic choral production.

Finally finding her choir legs again, Cheryl has recently performed on stage with Sting in Rob Mathe's Choir of Saints, with Woodkid in Lincoln Center, and has toured in France, Israel and Mexico with the social justice project choir Voices 21C.

Her pieces "The Listening", "Triomphe Féminin" and "We" were debuted by Voices 21C. 2019 marks the year of her composer-in-residence with Ember Choir of New York City. The group performed "The Listening" as well as debuted "Andromeda" and the lighthearted comedy piece "Taurus", part of Cheryl's Star Suite.

"The Listening", a piece based on Martin Luther King Jr.'s "A Time To Break The Silence" speech has started inter-choral and scholastic conversations across the country. The 250 All New England Choir competition winners sung the piece in their final concert in the spring of 2019. The Unviersity of San Diego's choir performed the piece after director Emilie Amrein saw the piece debut in Mexico City. The piece will be performed at the Eastern Region of the ACDA in March 2020.