Feature in People.com, 2021!

Feature in People.com, 2021!

Feature in Grammy.com, 2020!

Feature in Grammy.com, 2020!

A Quick Intro to Cheryl

A singer-songwriter who also knows her way around a film score, a Broadway musical, or a New Age mindfulness record? Classically-trained pianist-turned jingle composer-turned touring rock chick- turned advocate for independent musicians, Cheryl B. Engelhardt harnesses a traditional scoring education (thanks, Cornell & Juilliard) and songwriting sensibilities (thanks, bandmates), with a side of intricately lush harmonies (thanks acapella & choral groups). Playful on the piano and a magician with vocals, the New Yorker blends poignant melodies with pop production, and technical proficiency with clever yet soul-touching lyricism. Cheryl is known for her love for partnering with, listening to, and enhancing whatever story she can get her hands on, whether a documentary on eco-tourism, a comedy series, a song collaboration or a commercial for dog food. Her newest solo-piano/ambient album "Luminary"  hit #1 on Amazon and iTunes New Age charts. It was designed to combat anxiety and provide energetic peace and focus, composed and produced in a studio in a half-abandoned mountain town in Greece (pictured left). 

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Seeking big things for "A Seeker's Slumber" due out 7.23!


"Unwind" is Cheryl's newest lyrical single, the first one off her new record (due out July 2021). She combines her social justice choral writing, pop past, and New Age success to create a mystical, powerful, and expressive piece that feels truly... unwound.

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The Records


Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Looking for a musically-complex and gently exciting album to accompany your daily meditation, morning walk, sleep routine—or even to get you “in the zone” at work? Luminary, singer-songwriter and composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt's first contribution to the New Age genre, delivers. Avoiding the often problematic clichés of meditation and yoga music—for example, use of "World Music" exoticism to "transport" listeners— Engelhardt taps into a variety of moods via musical games that stretch the limits of her intentionally-reduced musical palette. It is easy to trust her blend of flowing piano, bell chimes, tasteful electronic modification of plucked piano strings, and her well-integrated voice; all of which which gently guide you through each track in both the affirmation-fortified and music-only versions. Each track moves through a variety of micro mood “climates,” easing you through your day—and this diversity makes the album all the more beautiful and utilitarian.
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Cheryl B. Engelhardt

This emotive collaborative record will get your toes tapping, your brain thinking, and your senses awakened. Sink into the lush harmonies and expressive duets for a real treat from seasoned songwriter Cheryl B. Engelhardt and her partners in creation.
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One Up

Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Based off of Cheryl's 2010 "One Up" project, where she wrote and released one fan-funded song each month for the whole year, this record is a remixed, re-recorded, high end bundle of pop songs that have been getting great reviews and are being heard on the airwaves all over the place. Download now!
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The Singles

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