New Album "A Seeker's Slumber", hits #1 on Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp charts!

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Feature in, 2020!

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A Quick Intro to Cheryl

A singer-songwriter who also knows her way around a film score, a Broadway musical, or a New Age mindfulness record? Classically-trained pianist-turned jingle composer-turned touring rock chick- turned advocate for independent musicians, Cheryl B. Engelhardt harnesses a traditional scoring education (thanks, Cornell & Juilliard) and songwriting sensibilities (thanks, bandmates), with a side of intricately lush harmonies (thanks acapella & choral groups).

Playful on the piano and a magician with vocals, the New Yorker blends poignant melodies with pop production, and technical proficiency with clever yet soul-touching lyricism. Cheryl is known for her love for partnering with, listening to, and enhancing whatever story she can get her hands on, whether a documentary on eco-tourism, a comedy series, a song collaboration or a commercial for dog food. Her solo-piano/ambient album Luminary (2020) hit #1 on Amazon and iTunes New Age charts, and its follow up, A Seeker's Slumber (2021), did the same. Both were designed to combat anxiety and provide energetic peace and focus, and rest.

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Seeking big things for "A Seeker's Slumber"!


"Unwind" is Cheryl's newest lyrical single, the first one off her new record A Seeker's Slumber. She combines her social justice choral writing, pop past, and New Age success to create a mystical, powerful, and expressive piece that feels truly... unwound.

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The Records

A Seeker's Slumber

Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Cheryl B. Engelhardt’s sophomore New Age release, a followup to her chart-topping 2020 album LUMINARY, gifts the listener with an etherial journey through a day of awakening, conflict, resolution, release rest, reflection, remembrance, and finally, relaxation. Bringing the science of the heart rate into her music, Engelhardt carefully chose tempos that would assist the listener in slowing down, quite literally, into a state of rest. Additionally, she chose to bring in lyrics reminiscent of her early pop records to assist the processing of emotions, a much-needed practice prior to falling asleep.

Half of the tracks are lyrical expressions, while half of the album highlights the voice as an instrument alongside intricate piano performances and even a live kalimba, all performed, engineered and arranged by Engelhardt. With special features by GRAMMY winners Joanie Leeds and Chava Mirel, 37 members of Cheryl’s independent musician mastermind AMPLIFY plus an appearance by SNL drummer Shawn Pelton, and even Cheryl’s own deceased father’s voice, the collaborations speak to the breadth of the emotions found on A Seeker’s Slumber. Listeners will experience what has been called “a goddess’s song” in “Unwind”, and “a sense of grounding” in “Ithaca” and the other instrumental pieces. The magic that is unleashed in “Awæcnian”, “Mother Gaia”, and “Anyway You Choose…” is unprecedented in Cheryl’s prolific body of work. Enjoy!
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